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Netcom Global Partners ("NGP") is a management-owned, global consultancy specialising in assisting TMT-sector ventures to enter new markets, deploy new technologies, establish new

relationships and master new competencies in the service of their customers. Headquartered in Singapore, our consultants are based in locations around the world and and possess both exceptional industry subject matter expertise, as well as the soft skills essential to organisatonal and managerial effectiveness across a range of business and cultural environments.


As a boutique consultancy focused on the TMT sector, we bring exceptionally deep experience to our assignments, assisting our clients to translate strategic ambitions into coherent solutions that are competitive, economically feasible, technically robust and culturally-informed. NGP consultants' have expertise covering all industry functions, from networks and infrastructure to marketing, customer experience, operations, finance, and corporate strategy.

More than 10 nationalities are represented and over 30 languages are spoken by our consulting team, who have successfully delivered projects on six continents. The countries marked in blue indicate locations of previous NGP assignments.


Headquartered in Singapore and global in operations, NGP's values reflect our Scandinavian roots, which seek to balance a culture of innovation and continuous improvement with a belief that technology should serve and enhance the human experience, not compete with it. We respect the diversity of the cultural and social traditions we encounter in the markets we serve by avoiding approaches that are not informed by their unique characteristics, whilst simultaneously seeking to apply learnings and experience from prior assignments in a manner that recognises the universal nature of core human needs and values.

We work with vendors and suppliers in a way that is respectful of the value of the solutions and expertise they offer whilst always remaining strictly independent and objective in any evaluations or recommendations we make to our clients. We consciously avoid entering into any commercial arrangements that might compromise our neutrality in this respect.

We are committed to open, honest and direct communication with all stakeholders, and to maintaining personal and professional integrity at all times.

Our business model is built on establishing and developing trust and long-term relationships with our clients; never on a transactional approach that seeks to maximise short-term gains.


NGP’s organisational roots extend back to 1993, when “Netcom Consultants” was created as the TMT sector consulting arm of the Kinnevik Group, the holding company for Tele2, Millicom (MIC), Modern Times Group (MTG) and a range of other companies in the telecoms and media sectors. Although other Kinnevik Group operating companies formed the foundation of Netcom Consultants’ original client base, from the start it functioned as a fully-independent boutique consultancy, providing analysis, advice and implementation support services to a range of fixed and mobile operators, content providers and aggregators, vendors and other clients on an independent, neutral basis.

In 2005, Netcom Consultants was sold off by Kinnevik subsidiary Modern Holdings as part of a broader corporate rationalisation and restructuring exercise carried out after the passing of Kinnevik's founder and chairman, Jan Stenbeck, in 2002. The firm subsequently underwent a series of financial and organisational transformations and was a part of the Cybercom Group – a public company listed on the Stockholm exchange – until 2015, when Cybercom management decided to focus on its Nordic clients rather than continue to pursue the global business. A team of consultants who had been dedicated to the global consulting portfolio then elected to leave Cybercom, and formed NGP as a vehicle for continuing to serve the international client portfolio.

NGP has since continued to serve its legacy client base while establishing new relationships with fixed, broadband, and mobile networks, regulators, vendors and other clients in Europe, Africa, the Far East and elsewhere. The original management team has also been enhanced by the recruitment of additional consultants with complementary skill sets and experience consistent with NGP's business model.

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