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NGP’s Service Offerings span five main consulting practice areas and are designed to provide clients at every stage in the strategic life cycle with break-through solutions to their strategic and operational challenges.


NGP's Legal and Regulatory practice supports clients at every stage of development, from new market entry through defending the value of existing infrastructure investments. Our Legal & Regulatory Service Offerings include:

Legal & Regulatory


NGP's Strategy Practice Area incorporates a range of services that help our clients to develop and deploy effective market entry and market development strategies. Grounded in proven theories and principles, our Strategy Service Offerings are also informed by decades of real-world experience and practicalities:

  • Commercial due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

  • Product and service business cases

  • Market Opportunity analysis

  • IoT/5G Market and Technology Strategy

  • Customer Lifetime Value analysis

  • Service portfolio rationalisation


With a proven track record of effective project management, organisational and process optimisation, and in-depth knowledge and experience with industry best practices, NGP's Operations Service Offerings represent a risk-minimised path to achieving operational aspirations:

  • Service Launch

  • Process and Operations Audit

  • Operational KPI Benchmarking

  • Customer Experience Management

  • Project Management Office (PMO) services

  • Interim management services


Networks &

Our network experts assist operators to identify and deploy innovative approaches to network infrastructure and topology that can expand capacity, improve performance, and increase customer satisfaction using cost-optimised solutions. Our Networks and Technology Service Offerings are designed to maximise the value generated from limited resources such as spectrum; edge, backbone and core network infrastructure; rights-of-way, colocation facilities, and international links, gateways and capacity:



NGP's Procurement Support team leverages more than two decades of network infrastructure and wholesale service procurement experience to enable our clients to negotiate more favourable pricing and commercial terms from suppliers. With experience and data acquired from hundreds of previous negotiations with the world's leading infrastructure vendors and connectivity providers, we provide operators with the transparency and negotiating leverage needed to maximise the value derived from network capital investments.

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