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Dan Olsberg

Practice Areas

Dan has been working in the telecoms, IT, and consulting industry for 30+ years. He has gained extensive industry experience working in senior management positions both on the vendor and the operator side - in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. 

His expertise ranges from business and technology strategy, to procurement and outsourcing, network and customer operations, managed services, and OSS/BSS/IT transformation. He has a broad technology knowledge covering as well mobile/cellular technologies as fibre Internet networks and data centers. He is a certified project manager and well acquainted with both waterfall and agile PM methodologies. He has led several managed services/outsourcing projects.


Dan's most recent assignments include leading an IT/BSS transformation project for a Swedish mobile operator, being interim Head of Operations for a Scandinavian fibre network and data center operator, and developing a network rollout and operations strategy for an Asian fibre operator. 


English, Swedish

MSc Industrial Engineering and Management, Linkoping University of Technology, 1989
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