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NGP delivers transformative, global best practice-informed solutions to our telecoms sector clients' strategic and operational challenges.




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From licence application, interconnection, and compliance to network sharing, unbundling and access, we assist clients in navigating regulatory challenges, and articulating and advocating for fair and balanced policy frameworks.

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Market dimensioning, opportunity and competitor analysis, market entry strategy and business plan development, risk management and mitigation, merger and acquisition due diligence, and pre-disposal valuations are services that help our clients to maximise the value of their operations.

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We assist clients to develop, implement, manage, benchmark and optimise products and services, back-office operations, organisations and infrastructure to reduce costs and improve customer experience.

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Working together with infrastructure developers and innovators, we assist network operators to more efficiently and effectively deploy spectrum, backbone and core networks, service platforms and other assets by deploying new technologies for managing spectrum, increasing coverage and capacity, and reducing costs and carbon footprints.

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Our procurement support team has helped operators maximise returns on capital investments by leveraging the negotiating and contracting experience we have acquired through executing more than 100 infrastructure supply and service agreements, while delivering over USD 1 billion in CapEx savings to our clients over the past two decades.



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Meet Our Consultants

NGP consulting assignments are delivered by teams of partners and associates with deep knowledge and extensive prior experience in their area of specialisation.

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Our Strategic Partners

We work with selected specialist legal, policy, strategy and technology partners where
required by client needs or project objectives.