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Jerker Berglund

Practice Areas

Jerker has been engaged in the wireless industry for 25 years. He possesses a wide range of experiences from both management and expert roles, ranging over both technical and business aspects. His main area of expertise covers solutions for increasing network and operational efficiency.

Jerker played a key role in the establishment and operation of one of the world’s first shared RANs, essentially including the development and deployment of an effective operator collaboration model to make the concept work in the day-to-day operations.

As CTO, Jerker had responsibility for a major 3G network including network modernization projects in response to rapidly growing traffic volumes. This covered scope definition, network design, vendor selection and management of overall project delivery and cost. 

In his most recent projects, Jerker has provided leading expertise covering solutions for implementation of network consolidation, following M&A or RAN sharing agreement, to operators worldwide.


English, Swedish, Spanish, German


Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, 1989

Certificate, Business for Engineers, Stockholm School of Economics, 2000

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