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NGP Announces New Delivery Partners

Complementing our existing network of service and technology partners, NGP has established cooperation agreements with two new service partners, both of whom have developed and deployed innovative solutions to help mobile network operators plan, deploy, manage and optimise their radio access networks (RAN).

UK-based Ranplan Wireless offers software-based solutions for radio network planning, design and optimisation of indoor and outdoor wireless networks. Their tools can be used for all types of networks in any frequency band, including 5G, LTE, and WiFi.

Spectrum Effect, headquartered in the USA, has developed proprietary tools for the detection, management and minimisation of RF interference on wireless networks. This allows existing spectrum resources to be used more efficiently, increasing capacity and improving network quality KPIs yielded from existing network infrastructure.

In addition, NGP continues its existing cooperation with Metricell of the UK, using its network intelligence solutions to assist operators, regulators and vendors to identify coverage and capacity issues that impact service cost and end-user experience, optimise them accordingly, and monitor performance in real time going forward.

As expert users of these powerful tools, NGP consultants can deliver significant reductions in radio access network CapEx requirements and operating and maintenance costs whilst maintaining or improving service quality, capacity and coverage. NGP works with providers of such tools based on their proven track record of delivering value improvements well in excess of deployment and operating cost; contact us for further details at


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